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Nigerian Government Planning To Launch A Missile On Israel For Attacking Palestine – Can They Survive This?

Isreal is in a very deep mess right now as Nigerian Government has weigh in on the issue on ground 🤣🤣
Well, I trust our Government, they know their level and them no dey put mouth for wetin no concern them.

I saw this photo on Facebook and I decided to share it on Kikigist.net to spice your day.

With this photo, I can only beg the entire world to #PrayForIsreal because Nigeria will crush them if they don’t settle with Palestine as soon as possible.

See below:-

If you know anyone that knows anyone, you better tell Isreal to be careful else their country will be crushed in the next coming days.

I know you all must have laugh hard right now.. Na so me self laugh when I see the photo ooo. Nigeria of all country beside Israel? 🤣🤣🤣

Guys 👇

If You Hear Nigeria Wants To Fight Israel – What’s The First Thing You Will Do?
Let’s hear from you all.

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