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Olamide has a staggering discography!

The number of artists that have a discography that can compare — both in quality and in quantity — in the Nigerian industry, I can count on one hand.

From his Coded Tunes debut “Rapsodi” to his Empire-distributed “Carpe Diem,” Olamide has just enough classics to last a lifetime. At this point, if he decides to retire, he’ll go out as one of the bests to ever do it.

This ranking is based on every available metric at my disposal, from commercial success (estimated sales and number of streams), to sound (originality and production quality) to critical acclaim and what music listeners think of it.

Here we go, in descending order — from the worst to the best, all of Olamide‘s solo studio albums.

8. Rapsodi

On this album, Olamide was just a ghetto boy, trying to rap his way to stardom. He didn’t care about sound, or perception or being original here. And although, this is where it all started, it is not questionable that Olamide went on from here and made better music.

7. Lagos Nawa

This is one of the most criticized albums anyone’s dropped in recent times. An album he claimed to have made in just 48 hours with Young John, it has a couple joints that are enjoyable, but overall, everything sounds the same.

For an artist like Olamide, this just ain’t the kind of work you’d expect for a studio album. But with a couple years gone, Lagos Nawa definitely bangs harder. It’s a real sleeper.


Immediately after doing “Rapsodi” and leaving Coded Tunes, Olamide needed to prove that he had what it takes to do it on his own and that’s exactly what he did with his sophomore “YBNL.”

He rapped a little, did a couple street jams, and created the template for what an Olamide album would come to sound like in later years.

5. Street OT

Released about three years after his debut album, this is some mature Olamide music and it’s where his grittiest hip-hop performances are hid. “Street OT” in deed cemented Baddo’s status as one of the best in the industry.

4. The Glory

If you think Olamide‘s rap was cool on “Carpe Diem” you need to hear how smooth he was in 2016.

“The Glory” is one of those albums that just deserved to get Rap Album of the Year at every award show. It was massive, and the sound was clear. A very important part of Olamide‘s 10-year career.

3. Eyan Mayweather

Before 2015, there were a lot of Olamide slander here and there, people talking down on his name because he wasn’t a hip-hop purist.

With “Eyan Mayweather” though, Olamide showed that he not only has one of the best flows around, but that he’s also a fine ass lyricist. Oh, and don’t forget, and that he’s a serial hit-maker.

2. Carpe Diem

This is Olamide‘s latest release, and to be honest, all there is to be said about this album has been said. It’s got a direction, and the sound is refined. In short, Olamide understood the assignment, and he delivered like a midwife.

1. Baddest Guy Ever Liveth

BGEL is definitely up there with the best rap albums we’ve ever seen in the industry. Olamide took all of that experimenting from Rapsodi and YBNL, then made a better album with all of those elements.

The album has some of the craziest Olamide cuts of all time, and it’s definitely his best offering to date. You can say it’s debatable, but that will just mean you weren’t there in 2013 when this album was the best thing around.

Olamide‘s 9th solo studio album, “UY Scuti” will be out next month, June 14.

Which Album Do You Think Is His Best?

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