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EXPOSED!! Dangote Allegedly Drugged & Raped Another Man’s Pregnant Wife (FACT CHECK)

Dangote was involved in alleged rape and psychological manipulation of the wife of a businessman Kevin Ajenifuja, with an intention to steal his trade secrets, court documents obtained by “Peoples Gazette”.

Uhm a lot of people don’t understand this report. So I’ll try to break and summarize the whole story because it’s kinda lengthy. Credit: Peoples Gazette

This Is What Happened:

👉🏾Mr Ajenifuja said he had developed the technique and process of a sector exchange-traded funds for Africa in June 2004, after over 10 years of research.

👉🏾In a lawsuit filed by the businessman on August 2, 2019, Mr Dangote allegedly made arrangements on how Mr Ajenifuja’s 22-weeks pregnant wife Anita was drugged and how young men slept with her with the intention of stealing his trade secrets.

👉🏾Mr Ajenifuja alleged that Mr Dangote connived with some World Bank Group employees, precisely on February 8, 2010, to invite his then wife to a meeting at a Catholic mission in Washington, D.C., area where she was allegedly given illicit drugs.

👉🏾In the lawsuit that Ms Anita was also given opioid medications on a regular basis, which she became addicted to. She subsequently engaged in extramarital affairs with young men near Washington, and the troubling situation was subsequently used to blackmail her into turning against her husband until she handed over his trade secrets to Mr Dangote.

👉🏾The World Bank denied the allegations and the court rejected Mr Ajenifuja’s lawsuit because it was statute barred.

👉🏾A spokesman for Mr Dangote declined comments about the lawsuit when reached by The Gazette on Wednesday afternoon.

👉🏾Mr Ajenifuja said it was around December 20, 2014, that he searched for the missing copies of the trade secrets and suspected that they had been stolen by Mr Dangote via Anita.

👉🏾Mr Ajenifuja said the affairs caused “severe emotional suffering because his home was foreclosed by the mortgage company as a result of loss of income,” the documents said.

👉🏾Mr Ajenifuja also demanded $1 billion as the least compensatory damages against Mr Dangote and others for the alleged theft of his trade secrets.

👉🏾In their separate motions, the WBG sought to dismiss the case on the grounds that it was immune from suit.

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