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Women Football Needs To Be Scrapped Because It Is Not Competitive (Read This)

Before the feminist gang decide to report this article, pls note that this post is just an OPINION of a pained writer that lost a bet.

So last night I decided to stream a Champions League qualification match between Juventus Women & Kamenica Sasa Women and trust me when i say i have never seen a one sided fixture in a while.

It felt as if the opposition team gave up immediately they heard the kick off whistle. Is this why these games are not on TV?

This totally defeats what football stands for. Football is suppose to be competitive. Football is suppose to be active.

In men football, the underdogs still stand a chance or two against the favourites. Unlike in women football where the smaller team will always lose against the big side.

No fight, No determination, no team spirit.

This is NOT what football stands for. Women football should be scrapped immediately.

So Guys,

Do You Agree Women Football Should Be Scrapped?
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