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CELEB NUDES/SEXTAPE!! Cross vs Tiwa Savage – Who Is More Senseless?

Naija Celebrities matter don tire me!!

I really do not understand why our celebrities are becoming more senseless by the day.

Too many drama here and there but that Tiwa Savage sextape scandal and that lanky-d!cked BBNaija made Celeb, Cross are the most useless controversial moments in Nigeria’s social media space this year.

These are the people that give Lai Muhammed and Buhari the moral rights talk to be talking to we youths anyhow as if we no get sense. Can you imagine?

Tiwa Savage’s Sextape Scandal

You see this Aunty Tiwa, she’s supposed to be transported to Kano and get flogged 100 strokes of cane.

At least, she must have received less than 100 strokes of pr!ck from that guy with stupid black d!ck. WATCH HERE

Why will somebody be having sex with you and you allow him to be making video of you, are you mad?

Shay you no get sense ni? Abi you don’t forget say you be celebrity abi which kain mumu celebrity be this?

Aunty Tiwa Fuck up aswear, na why I will say thunder will fire the left nyansh of those that were posting her, saying they stand by her.

Pele oo, standing fan, be standing by rubbish. Nonsense with ingredient!

BBNaija Cross Nude Picture

Aswear to God Almighty, na BBNaija I blame because if no be BBNaija, na only his friends and close family members will experience his stupidity.

First of all, BBNaija needs to hire some sensible celebrities like Ali Baba, Mofe Damijo and other to do Celebrity Life Tutorial for these mumu housemates before giving them phone and allowing them into the world.

Wait, Mr Cross, why are you taking your phone to the bathroom?

Is that part of Celebrity living? With that your prick like the leg of 3k tripod stand SEE HERE

Shay this one wan go dey do live video for bathroom ni? Let’s say you want to really take the picture, must you use Snapchat?

All the people buying things for BBNaija celebrities, you guys should start buying sense for them before any other thing o.

See him Pr!ck con be like expired dildo. mtcheew!

Guys, na anger I use write this post because these things are becoming annoying.

But on a more serious note
Between Cross And Tiwa Savage – Who Is More Senseless?

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