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S€X TALK!! Have You Ever Caught People Having S*x Before? (Share Your Experience)

I doubt if you ever caught someone having sex or have you? Hahaha.

I have, multiple times. But the first time was unexpected.

This is how it happened.

I went out with a female friend who I hadn’t seen in a while, she got married and came to town to visit old friends and introduce her husband.

They were staying with me in my condo. We went out for a few drinks and ended up having too many. Back then we didn’t have Uber and it was late, we decided to get a hotel room right next to the restaurant and drive back the next day.

As I said, we all had a few drinks. We got one single room instead of two (money was tight and the hotel was like 15K a night).

Two queen beds, she laid down next to me and the husband got the other bed. I passed out and then woke up groggy hearing their sounds. He was already penetrating her in missionary position right next to me.

They were trying to be quiet but that’s impossible and of course the mattress was going up and down. Looks like she came first and then asked him to cum in her mouth to not mess up the sheets, and he was happy to comply.

The room was dark but the light coming through the window was enough to let me see what was going on. I can’t say that I got turned on as I was still groggy and drunk, but those images stuck to my memory, especially his dick ómo

What about you?
Have You Ever Caught People Having S*x? (Share Your Experience)

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