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Apart From Sex – What Other Reasonable Thing Can You Girlfriend Offer You?

Una wey never marry, I pity una life so badly cos Ladies of nowadays are nothing but empty barrels and have nothing to offer.

They’ve got nothing meaningful to offer you apart from Sex. So, if you are an industrious young man, it will be so hard for you to see any sensible ladies this time around.

They just want to catch cruise, smoke, and jump from one club to another and then pray for someone’s son to find them – the reason why they don’t care what a guy does for a living again, make the guy sha get money

No wonder about 90% of the Girls out there now do Hookup.. Even if they work in a Bank or any good company, you will still them going out with different guys just because of Money.

I can say it authoritatively that 95% of the ladies out there now are nothing to write home about – they are more useless than the letter “P” in the word Psychology.

Ladies are now cheaper than internet data. So, as a young man, if you really want to go far in life – you need to focus on yourself rather than waste your precious time on one bitch.

So today, I will like to ask you all this very simple yet important question and I want you all to be sincere with your response.

Let’s go
Apart From Sex – What Other Reasonable Thing Can Your Girlfriend Offer You?

Let’s hear from you all.

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