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Checkout Some Steps To Avoid Getting Robbed In Lagos Traffic

Lagos is not for the weak!

The largest city in Nigeria and the most populous city in Africa, with a population of 14.8 million as of 2015 within the city proper, Lagos is where people go to for greener pastures.

However it has its ugly side with insecurity, with audacious cases of robbery on the roads mostly due to recurring traffic congestion in the state.

Between March and June 2021, 127 traffic robbers were reportedly arrested by the Police in Lagos

Just being on the road in some locations of the state is an extreme sport as you can be robbed of your personal belonging in the blink of an eye.

We have penned some ways to avoid getting robbed
Robbery Cases Are Rampant

The first step is always ackonwlegement. With rising cases of unemployement, poverty, population growth, Lagos is facing a big crisis that has worsned the security level of the state.

Cases of robbery are very widespread in Lagos and not just on the roads.

Don’t Move With Valuable Things At Odd Hours

I found myself wishing I didn’t go out with my phone when i was robbed around Addo road in Ajah around 8pm after i dropped from a bus.

Having a car wont spare the blushes as these daredevils also rob personal cars.

So it wise to move with valuable things during the day especially in locations you are not familiar with.

Always Be Conscious Of Your Surrounding

As they teach you in driving school never to trust anyone behind the wheel, you can’t trust anybody in Lagos rushhours.

A friend of mine sitting in a Danfo bus had his phone stolen by some young girls sitting behind him.

Another one was robbed while he was typing something on his phone through the window of a taxi.

Don’t Relate Too Much With Strangers

As explained above, Strangers can swindle you of your personal belongings without your suspicion.

You can make the job difficult for them by minding your business.

These daredevils pretend to be beggars and sometimes hawkers to commit their evil acts.

Best to keep a straight face and mind your business if you are in a public vehicle.

Please NOTE: It can happen at any time. Broad daylight or pitch black at night, regardless of your best attempts to ensure it doesn’t. Whenever it happens, promise yourself not to fight with robbers because they can potentially harm you. Belongings can be replaced, but your life can’t.

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What Other Ways Can You Avoid Traffic Robbery In Lagos?

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