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Top 10 Instagram Comedians Of 2021 – Which Is The Best?

You cannot deny Instagram comedians have made you laugh this year

Thankfully, we have many great entertainers in the Nigerian industry. They can make you laugh out loud and lift your mood. Kudos to them.
1. Craze Clown

Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke is known as Craze Clown. Craze clown is one of the most famous and talented Nigerian comedians. The way he dresses like an old man in his agbada has made him stand out amongst others.

2. Lasisi Elenu

He is well known for his funny ranting on Instagram. Lasisi gets mouth, no wonder his mouth is wide like a frying pan. “Hello everybody! Lasisi is here again something just happen right now”.

There was a time, he claimed to be 22 years old, and his fans disagreed with him. My people, would you like to know his response?
My guy replied to his fans by saying “Can’t someone just be young in peace? Fresh young blood flowing through my veins.

3. Josh 2 Funny

Josh Alfred Popularly known as Josh 2 Funny is also among the best Nigerian comedians. Josh is really taking the leading role.

He believed that dressing like a female will make him stand out, and truly this has been helping him.

4. Woli Arole

Oluwatoyin Bayegun is popularly known as Woli Arole. He has been posting videos of himself preaching the gospel, and prophesizing in a comical way like that of the prophet.

5. Mark Angel Comedy

Mark Angel and Emmanuella are among the famous Nigerian comedians.

Their comedy has been making waves in and out of this great nation.

Well, Mark Angel influenced Emmanuella’s career and they gained popularity in the landlord skits. My people, talent is not by age, because this young celeb has really won the heart of the nation.

6. Taaooma

Talking about consistency, Greene Apaokagi Maryam well known as Taaooma has been in the game for many years and still making waves with her creative ideas.

She goes the extra mile in making her content, right from the script, directing and the output of the video. When listing the top three best female comedians in Nigeria, Taaooma should be among them.

7. Tywse

Ereme Abraham whose real name is known as Twyse. This guy is unique because of his originality in his skits. ‘

He is a UK based comedian who started comedy out of frustration. His performance has really helped him to work with artiste like Falz.

His costume is one of the things that makes him look different.

8. Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun Perry, better known as Broda Shaggi, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, songwriter and musician. At a young age, he took an interest in acting drama as influenced by his late father, who was a drama teacher.

9. Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter just come out from nowhere to become one of the best comedians.

He’s so fond of rubbishing people in his skit with the phrase “Abeg getat”, regardless of the person’s status.

10. Sydney Talker

He was born Sydney Egere, he is one Nigerian compelling Instagram comedian whose Instagram skits have procured him a spot as a top shot in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
Which Of These Comedians Mentioned Above Do You Think Is The Best?
Who Do You Think Should Be On The List?

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