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What’s The Difference Between Father Christmas And Your Village Masquerade? (See This)

That time of the year has come, when people travel from different places, down to their villages to spend the holiday and celebrate with friends and family.

Let’s quickly talk about the difference between African masquerades and western father Christmas.

Santa Claus popularly known as Father Christmas is a legendary and global figure from Western Culture that plays and share gifts to children. While Masquerade is as well a legendary popular figure in Africa that dances, entertains and prays for people during festive seasons.

Religious folks believe that “Masquerade” is tied to idol worship, while Santa Claus, is godly. But that’s not true. Historically, African masquerades are linked to age grade societies.

The reason why women and children were often driven away when the masquerades are dressed is not because of juju. It is because the age grade societies did not want the public to know which member is wearing the masquerade.

The rationale behind this is that the masquerade will often flog immoral persons in the community. If you know who is wearing the mask, you will know who to hold responsible later on. It is the same concept behind the hangman. The face of the person who hangs criminals is always masked.

A typical superstitious African who has never researched this will swear that masquerades are evil. But the truth is that age grades used them to entertain and teach morals in the society”.

If you ask me the difference between Santa Claus and African Masquerades, I would say they are same. No difference. If our culture is demonic, then the European culture is demonic as well. Father Christmas whatever, is unafrican!

But then, what’s your take on this?
What’s The Difference Between Father Christmas And Your Village Masquerade?

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