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Lionel Messi Accused Of Disrespecting PSG (See Details)

Former Paris Saint-Germain star, Jerome Rothen, has accused Lionel Messi of “disrespecting” the club and manager Mauricio Pochettino.

It is believed Pochettino only found out about Messi’s positive COVID-19 test through third parties.

Messi did not keep either his coach or the club updated with his situation, as he was isolated in Rosario, Argentina, before returning to Paris earlier this week.

Rothen, who represented the Ligue 1 club 180 times between 2004 and 2009, has not hit out at the player.

He said on Radio Montecarlo:

“You must always respect your coach, this is what I was taught in Clairefontaine.

“The coach must be above everyone else, it does not matter if it is a star or a youth player – the boss must be the head of the time.

“Pochettino was not updated as to where Messi was, and that explains a lot of things.

“This is not a good thing and I think it is very shocking from Messi.”

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