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Promoter Kogbagidi Unfollows Zazu Singer, Portable Amid Separation Rumors

According to recent rumours, the relationship between the reigning singer, Portable, and his manager/promoter, Kogbagidi, has deteriorated.

This comes after Kogbagidi unfollowed the Zazuu star on Instagram after Portable reclaimed his login credentials and took control of his social media accounts.

According to Gossip Mill, the artist has moved out of the residence where Kogbagidi placed him and is now responsible for his own song creation and promotion.

A recent check of the international promoter’s page reveals that he is no longer following portable.
The blog post reads;

”E done Happen!!! International Promoter Kogbagidi just Unfollowed Zazoo Zeh Crooner Portable!!! Like we earlier reported, They are no longer together, Portable has now abandoned his benefactors.

He forcefully collected his IG Log in details from their social Media Handler and ran away from the house he was put in, Portable is now doing business on his own with his friends and he is now in full Control of his social media account”

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