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Which Profession Has The Most Set Of Rude People?

Have you ever wondered if some people were thought how to be rude alongside their professions?

There are professions in our country that are known for different sets of activities. No matter how we try to make it look like an individual thing, when these profession are mentioned, you just know it’s heir way of life.

For instance, You see those civil servants working at the secretariat, they act as though they’ve made it in life. Only Corp member will understand.

Another sets of people who carry rudely behaviors with their full chest are Nigerian Nurse. They’ll be calling your name in the waiting area like “Mr Joseph ‘Low Sperm’” the doctor is ready to see you now.

Wait! Have you been attended to by a Bank’s Customer Care Representative before?? Those people are good at being Rude.

So Guys, the question here is

Which Profession Has The Most Set Of Rude People?

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