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Considering Your Current Mood/Condition – What Is The Best Valentine Gift You Can Give Your Crush?

Just like Valentine day, it’s advising to always give and share love everyday we wake up.

Although our general perception in Nigeria (Africa as a whole) is that Valentines day is for lover and if you don’t have a partner then you aint celebrating valentine.

But to be real, Imagine you get a free sex from your crush today, can that be regarded as a valentines gift? Is it safe to say you also celebrated the day as well?

I know what is running through your mind but do you know you might be someone’s crush as well? You might not be okay financially but at least you’ve not lost your sense of humor.

So Guys, regardless of your mood/condition

What Is The Best Valentines Gift You Can Give Your Crush?

Let us have your sincere say on this

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