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Papa And Mama Ifeanyi Are Back?

When it was assumed that things went sour between them even though none of the party involved issued a statement.

Over the past fem months, Nigerians have been speculating that the pair are back together as a couple, but decided to keep it low.

Again neither Davido nor Chioma has dropped any statement announcing that they made up, but Nigerians are sure that they are back together as they keep piecing bits of vague information.

Some Hints that keep fans guessing if the pair are back:

Ifeanyi’s 2nd Birthday
When Chioma threw a private first birthday for her son in the absence of Davido, it raised questions on social media. Davido however threw a lavish party for his son with Chioma in attendance and their fans cooked up different excuses for the first party. The parents came together as one and gave their son a beautiful birthday party.

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