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The Beginning And The End Of Mason Greenwood (A Must Read)

20 years old Mason Greenwood who plays for Manchester united is one of the youngest talents in world football.

A future Balon D or prospect by every indices.

On Sunday his girlfriend Harriet Robson posted pictures of her face with bruises saying, “this is what Mason does to me”

She also accused him of forcefully having sex with her.

Following the allegation, Mason Greenwood has been totally removed from the Manchester united Franchise with his team mates starting from Christiano Ronaldo and Manuel Pogba unfollowing him on all social media.

In fact, guilty or not, Mason Greenwood as it stands is effectively destroyed and I mean, it’s over for him.

Even if he’s not convicted, no football club is ever going to sign him. He will be registered as a sex offender and might not be able to secure a job in any sector.

For emphasis, he’s good as dead!

The evidence against him seems to be quite solid and I don’t see him getting out of this one.

But I have a question, will she have come out publicly with all that picture to in a split second, decimate and annihilate the hard works and legacy and life of the young star if he were just like you and me and not Mason Greenwood!

If one is in an abusive relationship, I believe walking out remains the option and not running him over with such highly implicating, incriminating allegations.

Pack up and leave, I believe it’s that simply and easy, and avoid regretful situations.

Some years ago, ex Manchester city player Adam Johnson was destroyed and his career ended so prematurely for making out with an under aged girl in his car.

They had met after he gave his number to her after a match when she came to watch a game.

She later happily narrated the adventure of having sex with the footballer star, even showing whatsap chats of their conversations and her class teacher reported to the school authority who reported to the police and the player was picked up and investigated, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced.

However in the court, 16 year old who by appearance looked somewhat slightly above 20 wept bitterly about “how her life was destroyed and her innocence stollen” by the player.

Well, he made a mistake there, I guess it’s important to ask for her age before intimacy, but do bear in mind that, ignorance of it is no defence and even if she lied that she were older, say 18 and above and you took her words, it’s not an admissible plea in the court of law.
So if you’re doubtful of it, then don’t go to it!

I have a problem with women partners of male stars going out to the public with claims to attack and destroy their reputation and career for the slightest reasons. I find it “demonic” malevolent, capricious, vindictive and inhuman!

But Mason Greenwood girlfriend, maybe sensing that she might have over reacted, pulled down her post barely 30 minutes after, but it was too little, too late.

Today, her father, probably regretful of the mess all around his daughter, granted an interview, claiming that his daughter’s phone was “hacked” and she never released those pictures.

I Imagine Mason Greenwood in a dim lit cell, his career over before it has really began, his name relegated to the trash bin of history, his legacies forgotten, his life over, crying a river of tears as he regrets the day he met Delilah!

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