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ADULTS ONLY!! Why Don’t Men Have Good S*x Toys?

Women’s s*x toys have evolved from nasty to stylish in recent decades.

However, there has been little change in products designed to stimulate the pen1s. The Fleshlight, one of the most popular masturbation products for guys, hasn’t changed much since it was introduced in 1998 — and it’s not much different from the anatomically inspired masturbation sleeves that have been offered to men for decades.

There are numerous ideas as to why female-oriented products dominate the sex toy market. Some argue that it’s a demand issue: males simply do not desire or require masturbatory aid in the same way that women do. Others have pointed out that the things sold to men are often too graphic to appeal to the mass market.

But what if the explanations are incorrect? What if our societal attitude toward male masturbation is the true barrier to penis-focused toys?

Female masturbation took decades to transform from a taboo topic to a celebrated element of healthy sexuality.

Male masturbation faces unique hurdles as it makes its way into the mainstream, including debunking myths, misconceptions, and a slew of unhealthy behaviors.

The question now is,

Why Don’t Men Have Good S*x Toys?
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