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WHO is responsible for Ukrainian and Russian war?, Danger ahead! – US PROFESSOR

Russia has put its nuclear deterrence forces on full alert. This is a big threat. By doing so, the Russians are giving us a clear signal of how seriously they take this crisis.

I want to convey a simple idea: if the West starts to win and Russia starts to lose, then by doing so we will drive the army with nuclear weapons into a corner. And this will be a more serious situation for us than the defeat of Ukraine. The situation is now very dangerous.
I believe that the probability of a nuclear war is not great, but the fact that it exists is already very scary. That is why we need to be very careful in this crisis. We cannot drive the Russians into a corner.

What I am sure of is that the Russians will win in the competition with the West. Who cares more about this situation: Russians or Americans?

The United States does not care much about Ukraine, they have made it clear that they will not fight to the death for it.
For Russians, this is an existential threat. As the conflict escalates, the Russians will win, not us.

And another question – who loses in this war?

The United States will not consider itself a loser, we are not very interested in this. But the main losers are the Ukrainians. And we pushed them onto this dangerous road. We pushed them hard to become part of NATO, and it practically happened. We pushed them to go to war next to Russia, even though Russia has made it clear that it will not tolerate it.
We, the West, put a straw in the bear’s eye. Do you think the bear will smile and look at what we are doing? No, he will snap. In this case, the bear will tear Ukraine apart.
Who is responsible for all this? Russians? I do not think so. What prompted the Russians to do this? And the answer is simple – the United States of America is to blame!
~ Professor John Mearsheimer,, University of Chicago

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