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Burna Boy Is Even More Childish Than Davido — Thank God For Wizkid & Olamide

When in 2020, Davido went on air to directly send shots at Burna Boy and WizKid, everyone thought that was too much.
But it didn’t end there. That situation became a catastrophe when the whole beef became the whole foundation of Davido‘s third studio album (he released a diss track, “FEM” as his lead single). That, alongside doing some petty things like moving his date to be exactly two weeks after Wizkid‘s, are the things that made fans just believe Davido has lost it.

Davido has continued to suffer the consequences of that unnecessary beef from two years ago and it is a shame that while fans keep fuelling it, the artists involved have not been reasonable either.

Not too long ago, Davido was picking a fight with the whole of the industry because they didn’t congratulate him on his FIFA Soundtrack feature. I for one, thought that’s the most childish thing he’s ever done.

But posting your song on the Apple Music Nigeria No. 1 and captioning it “they call me 001” is just as unnecessary as it is childish. Davido is not a kid. This is not his first number one. This isn’t Billboard Hot 100. This is absolutely nothing to him. So what’s the fuss about?

Burna Boy was even worse. The moment his song overtook Davido on the charts, he made petty posts on social media to diss Davido. For what reason? It is very sad to see. Two of the biggest artists of our generation fighting for supremacy over something even artists like Rema have done. No shame at all.

What makes matters worse is, that this is not their best songs ever. They’ve both been underwhelming for a while and that’s why Asake’s “Palazzo” is flogging them on the charts. But they’re here being petty when what they should be doing is working on their music and staying on their lane.

Thank God for artists like WizKid and Olamide who stay away from trouble. Because imagine Wizkid is like Davido or Burna Boy, he might even have decided to drop a song on the same day as the other two. The whole thing would have been a mess.

Burna Boy and Davido need to grow up. This isn’t 2018!

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