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GIVEAWAY:- Buhari Used “Change” In 2015 – Come Up With A Slogan For Tinubu or Osinajo For 2023 So They Can Win

Muhammadu Buhari and the APC carried Nigerians on handicap in 2015 and we fell for it.

They came with the slogan “CHANGE” in 2015 and as we were all tired of the then PDP Government led by Goodluck Jonathan – we all wanted a ‘change‘ not knowing it will be from fry pan to fire 😢

Sadly, we were already roasting inside their fire before we realized – we didn’t ask what kind of change they were bringing to the table… Too bad of us!

Now, we all are regretting it but the Election is here again. A new chance to get it right again…

Luckily, the man Tinubu who put us in all of this is out to contest for the seat of the President and we can’t wait to show them that we have learned our lessons and we will choose the right person.

Nigerians forget a lot and love promises
In 2015 when Buhari came with his “Change” slogan, they were promising us heaven and earth and that was what brought him to power.. No doubt.

Now, his VP Yemi Osinbajo and Party Leader Bola Tinibu are contesting and will both be using a different slogan and making new promises…

Can we still fall for their promises again?
I wonder the Slogan what they will use this time and the promises they will make this time that will push or drive us to vote for them What a good time to be alive.

Now, let’s get down to the matter of the day

As The Campaign Officer for Osibanjo or Tinubu – Which Slogan/Promises Will You Use To Make Them Win?
Let’s hear from you all.

Drop your comments

NOTE:- Best 10 Commenters wins. Use your Real name when commenting.

Winners will be announced on so so so date.

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