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Mention The Nigerian Artistes You Know That Was Popping Before But Has Fallen Off The Radar

The music industry is highly competitive with consistency a determining factor.
Oftentimes, artists achieve stardom, and then, just when you think they’re at their peak, they fall off the radar.

Over the years, we have seen many come and go. Some moving from the lower part of the ladder up to the top, and others, from sitting atop the ladder but crashing deeply into oblivion

However, it is hard to authoritatively pinpoint what these artists did right or wrong to arrive at the result that either makes or breaks their careers forever. As the saying goes, “nothing lasts forever”.

Looking back a few years, there are artists who we feel did not really reach their full potential. One mistake or the other happened, and just like that, a booming career died.

In conclusion, Fame in the Nigerian music industry has proven to be a fragile thing and so far, what we’ve been able to learn is that proper management is important to survive.

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