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Which Alcohol Gave You The Most Terrible Hangover That You Promise Never To Drink Again?

Drinking Alcohol is always very nice and enjoyable until hangover set in – you go hate yourself!

Most times, I run from Alcohol because I don’t want to have hangover. I hate it with my life because it normally render me useless.

The most terrible hangover in my life was when I was in 300L – me and my friends had like 10 bottles of Andre and I almost vomited my intestine out that night.

I was even promising and begging God that I will never taste Alcohol again if I eventually get over it that day – I vomited all the Fufu I hate that day 🤣🤣🤣

Ever since that day, I always know my gauge when drinking, I no go do pass myself.

Well, I have a question for you all 👇

Tell Us The Name Of The Alcohol & Share The Short Experience With Us
Let’s hear from you all.

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