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Will Omah Lay’s Album Swallow Davido’s Album?

Davido has been looking for his big “Album of the Year” moment for quite some time now.
For some reason, that don’t seem to be happening for him. Maybe it’s just bad luck or it’s bad timing, or both.

In 2019, when he released his sophomore, “A Good Time,” Fireboy’s debut overshadowed it as the best album released that year.

Then in 2020, when he released “A Better Time,” he had not even the slimmest chance because it was the same time as “Made in Lagos” and “Twice As Tall.” Even when it came to the numbers, it couldn’t hold a candle to those other two.

Now this year, he’s planning to drop another album. But he’s not going to be alone. One of the interesting players coming very soon with a project is Omah Lay with his debut album, “Boy Alone.”

Omah Lay is undoubtedly the next Wizkid and he has the number to back up that claim. So, there’s no way Omah Lay’s debut won’t swallow Davido’s album.

And that’s just Omah Lay. We have artists like WizKid, Buju, and Kizz Daniel dropping too. How will Davido’s album hold up to those releases when the time comes? I don’t think it will.

Worthy of note is that Davido had the chance to make the best album last year but he blew that chance with his inconsistency. Now he’s in the waters with a whole lot of sharks. Some bigger and tougher than him.

If it’s between Omah Lay and Davido, honestly I don’t think Davido has a chance and I’ll bet all my money on the young kid.

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