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Oyah Let Talk! Can A Prostitute Change To Become A Good Wife?

This question above is a very controversial one, as different people has their own way of looking at it.
A prostitute is someone who offers sex to a man for money. No emotional attachment whatsoever.

Now diving straight into the discussion and question of the day. Can a woman who was once a prostitute make a good wife?

In my own point of view, I think a repented prostitute can actually make a good wife.

She might have been a prostitute due to her inability to fend for herself or unemployment, therefore we can’t just look down on those in prostitution as they are human beings too (I am not supporting prostitution in any way).

A person might have changed drastically with time.

Therefore, even if they were involved in this sinful act in the past and she truly repents and has a good character, I don’t see any reason why she can’t make a good wife

Let’s hear your thoughts about this NAIJALOADITES,

Can A Prostitute Change To Become A Good Wife?

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